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Number of Communities Taking Inventory of Abandoned Buildings

Photo by Pete Zarria/FlickrCC

Photo by Pete Zarria/FlickrCC

Volunteer community teams have inventoried more than 1,035 abandoned and dilapidated structures in 12 cities and towns across West Virginia.

In the past two years, at least 12 cities and towns across West Virginia have inventoried the abandoned and dilapidated properties in their communities, the first step toward dealing with those problematic structures.

Those communities are Fairmont, Wheeling, Middleway, Shinnston, Weston, Parsons, Moundsville, Glenville, Whitesville, Thomas, Alderson and Salem.

In the inventory process, local volunteers walk the streets of their community and identify and count dilapidated structures. The process results in an accurate count of the number of abandoned structures in a community and allows the team to then map their locations.

Once a team has inventoried the structures, they prioritize the buildings by their redevelopment or reuse potential.

The first 10 of the 12 communities listed above received technical assistance doing their inventories from the Northern Brownfields Assistance Center’s BAD Buildings Program. The remaining two, Alderson and Salem, used information about how to conduct BAD Buildings inventories using the center’s online resources.

The 10 BAD Buildings Program teams inventoried a total of 1,035 structures and prioritized them according to their reuse or redevelopment potential.

The Northern Brownfields Assistance Center designed the BAD Buildings Program to provide West Virginia communities with the tools necessary to confront blight. (“BAD” refers to Brownfields, and Abandoned, or Dilapidated buildings.)

Who To Talk To:

Northern Brownfields Assistance Center
BAD Buildings Program Manager, Luke Elser


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