About State of Our Communities

West Virginians are regularly informed of the state’s obesity index, statewide unemployment statistics, population of welfare recipients and the economic performance of historically dominant industries.

For many years, public perceptions of the people and places of West Virginia have been dominated by these small number of very broad statistics. This data, though widely reported and repeated, offers little insight into the vital and ongoing work being done in communities and sectors across West Virginia to improve the state’s economy and the health and wellbeing of its citizens.

The aim of the State of Our Communities project is to, for the first time ever, take a closer look at what is occurring at the grassroots level in West Virginia that better captures the ambitions and concerns of our people, the strength of our local economies, the activity on our main streets, and the plans of our young people and entrepreneurs of the future.

In partnership with Secretary of State, Natalie E. Tennant, and more than 30 local organizations, state agencies and community groups, the State of Our Communities project will examine all available data and metrics behind the trends, successes and challenges in the various sectors driving West Virginia’s community-led development.

This uniquely collaborative effort brings together, for the first time, West Virginia’s leading community organizations and sector authorities to provide focused, yet illuminating insights into West Virginia’s present, and the opportunities ahead.

State of Our Communities is a project of the West Virginia Community Development Hub, supported by partners who are contributing metrics and research from their fields of work.

If you’d like to know more about the State of Our Communities project, get in touch The Hub’s Director of Network Communications, Jake Lynch, at j.lynch@wvhub.org.